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CBD Businesses That Are Worth Trying in 2022:

Updated: May 15, 2023

The CBD Industry is booming which means there are plenty of opportunities available to get in where you fit in!

We wanted to share a couple of ways below that will allow you to participate in this lucrative industry & create extra streams of income.

CBD eCommerce Brand:

Launch your own CBD Brand via the internet. Millions of people are using the internet to purchase more and more so why not offer them the magic of CBD through your own eCommerce brand?!

Of course, you can create your own product using the CBD Business Launch Kits or you can actually work with a CBD manufacturer like WH Farms Co. to launch a ready made product. Either way, you can make money using CBD via the internet.

CBD Dispensary or Retail Shop:

Given the challenges of online marketing for CBD brands, there is nothing like creating a safe space for customers to learn, grow and purchase their favorite CBD products. You can use this outlet to showcase a variety of products that range in flavors, usage and value!

CBD Edible Line:

Edibles are the next big thing in the CBD industry as most new consumers are eager to mask the taste of cannabis with flavor. Why not launch a CBD gummy line or another popular edible type to introduce CBD to your target market?

We had a client who made over $3000 in her first month of selling CBD using the ingredients of her CBDPreneur Business Launch Kit

Regardless of the path you choose, WH Farms Co. is here to help.

Contact us today to launch your CBD product line.

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