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Let’s break the stigma around mental health!

Men Mental Health Awareness Month

Men have always had a harder time seeking help and it's not because they don't get symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental illness. They do. They're just less likely than women to seek help for them because of stigma, fear of being judged and a sense that seeking help is unmanly.

But why? Experts say it's because of how we socialize boys and girls differently from an early age. Boys are expected to be tough and strong — traits that are associated with masculinity — while girls are told they should be emotional and empathetic — characteristics that are associated with femininity. These stereotypes make it harder for boys and men to ask for help or express their emotions without being shamed or ridiculed by others or themselves.

The stigma around mental health is real, but it doesn't have to be this way. We can all do our part by talking about our feelings — whether we're feeling down or if we're happy with how things are going in our lives. Men's Mental Health Awareness Month is an opportunity to raise awareness and encourage men to seek help.

Mental illnesses are just like any other illness. They can affect anyone, anywhere and at any time, regardless of age, gender or race. Men deserve better than this. We need to change this mentality so everyone can feel comfortable seeking treatment for whatever they may be going through at any given time — whether that's depression, anxiety or even PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

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