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Make your home welcoming with this CBD Candle!

CBD infused candles are known to create a soothing aura. You can instantly feel a therapeutic effect that will relax and calm you down.

It is easy to make your CBD infused candle.

Here is what you'll need:

1. Mason Jar

2. Candle wick

3. 1 lb of candle wax

Now let us move on to the steps to be followed:

1. Secure the wick at the base of your mason jar.

2. Melt the candle wax using the double boiler method.

3. Once it melts completely, remove it from heat and allow it to cool a bit.

4. Add your WH Farms Co. full-spectrum CBD oil to the wax and stir it.

5. Grab the wick and add this mixture into the mason jar.

6. Now let it cool down completely and you can trim the wick.

Your DIY CBD infused candle is ready to change the ambience of your home. You can use all your creativity to make a variety of CBD candles with different scents and shapes.

Let us know in the comments section about your experience.

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