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NFL Awards $1 Million to Study Impact of Cannabis and CBD on Pain Management

The NFL has announced a $1 million grant to study the impact of cannabis and CBD on pain management. This is a change of perception towards this industry, as until recently, the NFL was staunchly against cannabis and CBD. However, the league’s recent stance on cannabis may be due in part to the mounting evidence that cannabis and CBD can be effective pain management tools.

The study will be conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and will be the largest of its kind. The NFL has been exploring the use of cannabis as a pain management tool for years, but has been hesitant to fully embrace it due to the drug's federal classification as a Schedule I substance. However, with the growing legalization of cannabis across the country, the league appears to be ready to take a closer look at the potential benefits of the plant.

The NFL is leading the way in terms of changing perceptions of this industry, and this grant will help to continue that progress.

Cannabis and CBD have been shown to be effective in treating pain, inflammation, and anxiety, all of which are common issues for NFL players. The Penn study will examine the impact of both cannabis and CBD on pain management, as well as the potential for addiction and abuse.

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