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This Valentine’s Day Is For Self Love

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Don't believe in needing someone else to love you? Perfect! Make this V Day all about yourself. Give yourself all of that much needed pampering! Here is how you can do so :)

Have a relaxed start to your day

Not being on your phone the first thing when you wake up is the primary step to starting your day off slowly.

Instead, you could do the following things:

- Journal

- Meditate

- Read

You can add a CBD Tincture to your morning cup of coffee to give you a calming sensation and help with anxiety.

Take a warm bath

Fill up your bathtub with hot water and some soap and bath salts to feel relaxed

After getting out of the bath, lather our Vanilla Cashmere Body Butter all over your body to reduce any inflammation or pain.

Plan a romantic evening for yourself

Order in that one plate of sushi you’ve been dying to eat for the past week but just couldn’t. Or cook yourself a fancy dinner with some delicious CBD Infused Wine on the side, with a few candles lit on the table.

And to end the night, cuddle up inside your blanket and munch on some CBD Gummies while watching your comfort TV Show!

Get a good night’s sleep

Give yourself a massage with our CBD Almond massage oil which enhances your mood, relieves any feeling of tension in your body as well as anxiety.

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