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Ways to De-stress Under Pressure

Woman de-stressing with CBD

It's good to be passionate about your work, but if you're burning the candle at both ends, it may be time to rethink your strategy. Workaholism is a serious problem that can lead to burnout, illness and even death. According to the American Psychological Association, workaholism is a psychological addiction to work and is characterized by feelings of guilt when not working, excessive devotion to work, and a preoccupation with work that interferes with personal relationships. It is estimated that approximately 20% of the working population fits this definition.

Here are 10 things to do to avoid becoming a workaholic:

  1. Take regular breaks from your computer screen. Go for a walk, stretch your legs especially on busy days.

  2. Make sure that you have a healthy diet and exercise routine in place. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Include CBD in your daily routine either through topicals, edibles or through exercise to keep stress under check.

  3. Limit your daily workloads by using a timer or alarm clock to keep track of how long you have been working on any given task. Stop working late at night or on weekends (unless it’s absolutely necessary).

  4. Connect with people on a regular basis who share similar interests as you do so that you can bounce ideas off them and share some laughs! Prioritize your friendships and relationships with other people.

  5. Make sure that your workspace is comfortable with plenty of natural light coming through the windows so that it doesn't feel like a cave when you're working (this will help prevent eye strain). Also make sure that there is plenty of room for everyone in the office so that there aren't too many people crammed into one space (this can lead to increased stress levels).

  6. Reward yourself for reaching goals instead of punishing yourself for not reaching them (e.g., rewarding yourself with an hour at the gym after completing an important project).

  7. Don’t compare yourself to other people.

  8. Meditate daily for 15 minutes to an hour.

  9. Surf the web mindfully, not compulsively — don't wait until you have free time to check your email or social media accounts; do it now!

  10. Practice gratitude every day for the things you have in life that make it worth living, even if it is just waking up to a cup of coffee or spending time with your favorite pet or listening to music or reading a book or talking with friends or taking a walk in nature or whatever makes your heart sing!

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