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Why Cannabis Education Matters!

Cannabis is one of the most widely used and controversial plants in the world. Cannabis has been used as an herb since ancient times and was even mentioned in the Bible as being one of the five main products that came out of the land of Canaan (see Genesis 1:29-31). It has been used for medicinal purposes such as pain relief and appetite stimulation since then until today. It is estimated that over 165 million people worldwide use cannabis. However, there has been a lot of media attention recently around the medicinal properties of cannabis which has led to increasing interest from consumers and health professionals alike.

Now that we are in the midst of a revolution in cannabis laws — or at least a series of revolutions — people are asking questions about this plant that was once considered one of the most dangerous substances on Earth.

But why should you care? Cannabis education is important for everyone. Whether you are a new user or an experienced one, it's essential that you understand what you're putting in your body and how it affects you. There are many different strains of cannabis, each with its own level of potency and effects.

Mary Jane is the name given to the Cannabis plant that has more than 0.3% THC. The Cannabis plant contains more than 100 different chemicals called cannabinoids that bind to receptors in the brain, affecting mood and memory. The primary psychoactive cannabinoid in MJ is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC can affect learning, memory and behavior in animals exposed to THC during development. In humans, THC exposure during adolescence has been linked to cognitive deficits later in life.

Hemp, on the other hand, is defined as having less than 0.3 percent THC by weight. Hemp has been used for thousands of years as a source of fiber for rope, clothing and paper products such as cardboard, paper towels and toilet paper. It can also be used as biodiesel fuel or converted into ethanol. It’s gaining a lot of attention because of its widely used medicinal properties. The primary cannabinoid in hemp is CBD.

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