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WH Farms Co. is a vertically integrated cannabis manufacturer specializing in premium CBD extracts & manufacturer of botanical goods that can be both trusted and traced. 


We are USDA licensed to cultivate premium hemp blends and all of our products are backed with a certificate of authenticity.


Our products & services extend from premium extract to luxury wellness lifestyle goods. 

Our company has a triple-bottom line mission. 

  • We desire to offer empowerment & accessibility to entrepreneurs entering into the cannabis industry

  • We desire to economically empower entrepreneurs entering into the cannabis industry

  • We desire to spread the magic of cannabis!


Our founder and CEO, Q. Nicole Vanderhorst, serial entrepreneur and real estate investor, has a passion for turning pain into power.  

In 2015, after the loss of her father, she found herself in a mental space that she needed help emerging from.  After her doctor suggested prescription options, she chose to explore the medicinal benefits of cannabis and she was shocked & pleasantly surprised. 

She felt stronger cognitive focus and much more in control of her mood.  With the curiosity to extend this euphoria to luxury lifestyle goods & strong desire to participate by providing access to businesses, WH Farms Co. was born.  


WH Farms Co. helps businesses launch or expand their CBD product lines through our unique white labeling services.  Through the CBDPreneur Academy, we also educate the canna-curious on the ways to grow as entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. 


If you are ready to reach your next level of wealth and success as an early adopter in this emerging industry with your own CBD product line, then look no further ...


WH Farms Co. welcomes you home.

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WH Farms Co. is an African American & Indigenous legacy farm located in Eastern North Carolina.   


The land was cleared by hand by Tuscarora Native Americans and formerly enslaved Africans in search of new opportunities.  

The region where our cannabis is grown was known as the hemp capital of the world before English settlement. 


Our products contain no pesticides, harmful ingredients, and we follow organic cultivation standards. 

We are USDA licensed and all of our products  are "triple checked" by third party agencies ensuring federal and local compliance. 

This means our products have been through rigorous lab testing and analyzed to be of the highest quality.  

Our products are accompanied by a COA.

In spite of this, what we are most proud of is our partnership in a minority

co-op of African American legacy farmers. 

As a result of this collaboration, our capacity extends to 200 acres and includes processing. 


The history of African Americans as farmers in the south is rich and deep. 

Beauty for ashes is what we’ve been given and our participation in the development of agriculture is our divine birthright and legacy. 

We are our ancestors' wildest dreams. What a time to be alive!


WH Farms™

WH Farms is a vertically integrated botanical manufacturing company specializing in premium CBD extract & CBD body care & wellness products. 


We are USDA licensed to cultivate premium hemp blends and all of our products are backed with a certificate of authenticity. 

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