5 Things That CBD Can Help With...

It's taken a long time, but cannabis' health advantages are finally being recognized in a meaningful way - hallelujah!

Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive chemical, is being explored more and more for the management of specific health disorders, and the medical world is becoming more aware of the substance's potential. The general public is becoming more enthused about how CBD can benefit you, from anxiety management to anti-inflammatory effects, and so much more, after it soared in popularity this past year. Influential agencies are also joining the "in support of" squad such as the United Nations, the NFL and the NBA - all who are either removing cannabis testing or its scheduling as a dangerous drug from its guidelines.

While there's no doubt that CBD can help with a variety of physical and mental health conditions, it is not FDA approved and can't cure serious ailments, contrary to popular belief. When determining whether or not it can benefit you, as with any other prescription or medication, it's crucial to look at what the science indicates. We freely share our client testimonials as proof positive of the benefits as well!

So, what exactly can CBD do for your health?

Here are five medical conditions that CBD has been shown to aid with by science.