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How is CBD oil made?

Ever wondered how we get this health and happiness potion, the CBD Oil?

Well! It is good to have an understanding of how this is actually made.

CBD is basically harvested from a plant called hemp. Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) is a variety of the cannabis plant.

The process begins with the cultivation of hemp. Upon the harvest, farmers spread them out for drying.

Once dried, it is milled into a fine powder. Then CBD oil has to be extracted from the raw hemp.

The extraction can be done through different ways, but so far the method that gives out the purest high potency CBD is CO2 extraction.

This method results in a highly concentrated, totally pure Cannabidiol oil.

And then it is subjected to a cold temperature that pulls off the fatty acids, lipids and the like. After that it undergoes another distillation process that helps in removing the contaminants.

Finally, there is a quality check and it is then diluted with a carrier oil. The process culminates into the creation of CBD oil.

Now, at least you know what it is, so why not give it a try? Try it here! :)

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