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Iced Hazelnut CBD Latte: A Recipe You'll Fall in Love With!

Summers are here! That sounds like the season to enjoy cocktails.

This recipe is even more special as it is vegan and keto-friendly.

So, without wasting a second, let us see what goes into its making.


Now let's step into the preparation:

  1. Combine the oat milk, vanilla creamer, hazelnut butter, almond butter and cinnamon until frothy. This will help the almond and hazelnut butter to fully melt into the milk.

  2. Keep the mixture aside for a while for cooling.

  3. Now take a large glass filled with lots of ice cubes and pour your almond hazelnut milk into it.

  4. Set the glass under a coffee machine and add your espresso.

  5. Add WH Farms Co. full-spectrum CBD oil right before drinking, stir it and voila.

Hope you enjoy this latte as much as I did. Stay tuned for more such recipes!

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