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Welcome to the WH Farms Co.

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

We not only want your to thrive in the CBD Industry, we also want you to be knowledgeable enough about the plant so you can enlighten your own clients.

If you’ve always been wondering the difference between the hemp and marijuana, we hope this helps.

WH Farms Co. is an industrial hemp farm based in Eastern NC. Our farmland is comprised of African American & Indigenous legacy and heritage which adds extra enrichment to our CBD.

Industrial hemp is not classified as a drug & has regained its popularity over recent years due to the USDA Farm Bill. Hemp is a species of the cannabis plant and produces valuable compounds such as CBD! Many are unaware of the difference between hemp and other species of the cannabis plant. Check out the image below

At WH Farms Co., all of our CBDPreneur Business Launch Kits & White Label products contain premium hemp-derived CBD that can be used to make a wide range of products that will not only make you money but satisfy your customer’s needs.

Make sure to try our CBD Sample Pack to have your own elevated experience.

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