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Is It Legal to Sell CBD Online?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

How many of you want to jump into the CBD industry, but you are afraid of being guilty of running an illegal business. The cannabis industry is tricky as eCommerce platforms are often very hesitant to approve advertising, marketing and sales involving cannabis, but CBD derived from hemp offers options that traditional marijuana does not. Please allow us to enlighten you below.

First, let me share that all cannabis is not created equal. The cannabis plant is made of 2 species: hemp and marijuana. Hemp is the more OG version of cannabis as it was one of the US highest cultivated crops before the 1930s. Marijuana is the most popular species of cannabis as it is known for its recreational benefits.

WH Farms Co. is a cultivator of premium hemp that we process and manufacture into CBD products. We love sharing the value of hemp-derived CBD products because they can be sold online in all US states & even abroad with a license provided that they are made from industrial hemp and the THC is below 0.3%. The THC levels are often confirmed by a third party lab through what is known as a COA (Certificate of Analysis).

Here are some tips when selling CBD online:

  • Ensure that your manufacturer has provided a COA for your products to provide agencies and customers.

  • Ensure that your merchant processor is aware of your compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

  • Refrain from using terminology that suggests recreational cannabis use such as weed, or get high, etc. Most online advertising platforms are only allowing marketing for topical CBD products made with CBD deriving from hemp.

CBD-infused products require a license in some states and local jurisdictions. Providing you are selling reputable CBD products and meeting any regulatory requirements in your state, you should be able to sell CBD products. So what are you waiting for - book a call with WH Farms Co. to set up your CBD business today!

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